Visual Fine Concept Artists Desired For Caricature Re-Creation of Animal/Human Portraits

Visual Fine Concept Artists Desired For Caricature Re-Creation of Animal/Human Portraits

Hourly – More than 6 months - Less than 10 hrs/week - Posted

Job Description

We are currently seeking for Visual/Fine portrait artist whom can re-create portraits from digital images, mostly face pictures,human and animal, via chalk, pencil, and/or watercolor.

We are looking for "freelancers" that are passionate, professional, and organized. Artist(s) whom can capture the essence of the animal/person through the imagery.

Our firm's specializes in creating memorable moments through small to medium size keepsakes.We strive to be faster and smarter than the competition, while delivering intellectual leadership, far-reaching insight, and cutting-edge one-of-a-kind products to our clients.

We are currently seeking to increase our freelancers pool for our upcoming expansion into the European Market and our yearly ramp-up.

The portraits are sold commercially, so no signatures and/or indications of the visual artist, are allowed. Please note, all pictures and subsequent material, will become the property of "FP,LLC".

Top 5 Reasons to Freelance at our company:

1. Life is short. . . . Do something you love.

2. Appreciation is the best motivation, so we've created a fun and inspiring
work environment you'll be glad to be a part of.

3. Work and play are not mutually exclusive. It is possible to have fun at work.

4. Boldly go where no one has gone before. There are hundreds of challenges yet
to solve. Join our innovative team and share your creative ideas.

5. Our staff is everything to us. We are focused on providing an environment
where talented, hard-working individuals are rewarded for his/ or her efforts.

Position pay ranges from $20 - $30 a project


-Candidates must possess the following:

* Desire to win
*Ability to meet deadlines on a consistent basis
* Effective interpersonal skills & excellent communication skills
* A passion for the arts
* Demonstrated leadership and team building abilities
* Self-confidence, flexibility, and a positive attitude

For immediate consideration, please send a example of previous work, similar to the attached document, including the original picture and the recreation.

NO RESUMES/INQUIRES will be accepted without a example of previous work

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