A Certified Instructor

A Certified Instructor


Job Description

Like most open book examinations the questions are difficult. You must get 100% of the questions correct, you will have 3 opportunities to do so. If you answer a particular question incorrectly, depending on the difficulty of the question, I may provide a hint. If you give 3 incorrect answers to a specific question it will be removed. There are only two substitute questions, both of which are harder than the standard questions.

Some of the answers are available on the official website, some are provided in various youtube videos, some though extensive internet research, and some by way of everyday game play.

Some questions like #10 may seem to have many different answers, however for that particular question I am looking for one specific answer.

There is no deadline you work at your own pace, however please keep me abreast of your progress every two days. The average completion time for this part of training is 3 days,

When answering simply copy and paste the whole test with your answers as a single reply of course, please also include the attachment where required.