Customer Service and Order Processing

Customer Service and Order Processing


Job Description

I'm in need of someone to work 4 hours per day, 7 days per week, providing customer support as well as processing orders that come in. Your hours will be from 9am to 1pm pacific standard time, California, USA

First off: You will need to have skype, which will be used to contact our supplier to process the order. Some orders may be processed using the web, but if there is an issue you will have to call.

Second off: You must speak and write English very well. No exceptions to this. You will be tested

Third: Must be technically savvy. You will be working with Excel and CRM software.

Your job will be to monitor the email account for new orders that come in. Once an order has come in you will have to contact the supplier with the relevant info and have the product shipped to the customer. You will have to followup with the supplier in order to get a tracking number. Once you receive this tracking number you will contact the customer and let them know. If there is a problem with any order or a customer is requesting a refund you will handle this process as well. During down time when there are no customer you will interact with customers interested in making purchases. I will give you sample dialogues on interaction that can be copied and pasted.

Pay is fixed at $200 per month. This is a start up business, so we don't currently have many orders. As we grow your pay will increase.

When you apply please let me know about your prior experience and what your responsibilities were.

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