Architectural 2D & 3D Floor Plan Revisions Needed


Job Description


(1) For a 3-story house the 2D floor plans and cutaway plan (see attached files) need to be revised. There is a list of the minor changes (roughly 30-50) to be made.

The plans already exist in DWG format - thus little to no effort should be necessary to begin working.

The output should be in DWG and the original file format used, e.g. AutoCAD or whatever you use.

(2) Optional: Once this is complete we would like a 3D model of the whole house to better plan and evaluate in terms of plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, electricity etc. This 3D model can remain quite simple in terms of surfaces but should include details such as rafters in the roof etc.

(3) Optional: From there we would like an interior visualization/rendering of the house. This rendering does NOT have to be photorealistic, i.e. does not have to include all the details of furniture, surfaces etc. However, it should be of higher quality compared to the 3D model in step 2. The purpose of the visualization is to walk through the house and see if we like our modifications in terms of floor plan etc. and if the house feels good.

As for points 2 and 3 we're not entirely sure yet what the best course of action is. We would like to discuss these steps in more detail to avoid any misunderstandings once step 1, which is most important right now, is complete.


A: How much time you estimate for each of the above three points.

B: Which software you would use for each of the above three points.

C: Any 2D and 3D references you may have.

D: Any suggestions you may have regarding points 2 and 3.


You should be experienced in architectural construction design. This includes the use of architectural software modeling and CAD software. Detail orientation is a must.

We're looking forward to your applications. Thank you!

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