data entry and computer work

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Job Description

Need someone to categorize and rename scanned files in a secure folder. Medical terminology will be a very big help, as there will be several hundred files daily to rename. Many different reports in PDF form will have to be quickly scanned and then renamed following a very specific naming convention, and then uploaded to two websites., and then moved to a different folder.

Strong PDF skills are a must, as sometimes one file may contain information on many patients . these files will need to be split, and saved as several different files.

There are many different document types, and telephone assistance will be available to assist you while you learn.

Example: a chest xray report will be a one or two page document that may be named faxscan27y208.pdf. The user would have to open it, and then rename it
to (last name) (first name) (date of birth) (document type). (Date of document creation or when procedure was performed) (hash tag)

Documents will all be in English, and be of very different formats even if they are a report of the very same medical procedure, as there are many Different people creating this reports.

Very strong English reading skills are a must. User should also be able to quickly scan a document and determine document type. Training and sample documents will be provided.

A confidentiality document will need to be signed before employment, but not for the training session.

Again, a background in medical terminology would be very helpful, such as a medical transcription or billing background.

Applicant should have relatively fast and reliable internet access, and Skype.

This will be a full time project for several months, and has the capacity to turn into longer term employment with growth opportunity for the excellent performing candidate. This applicant will be very resourceful, willing to learn, honest, and constantly seek improvement,
They will be very Conscientious as well, as they will have an impact on patient care. Extreme attention to detail a must