Facebook Based Voting App

Facebook Based Voting App


Job Description

I need someone to do the programing for a website I'm building that will allow people to submit business ideas and get them invite their facebook friends to vote "yes" or "no" on the idea.

I've designed the site and need mainly the php and facebook integration portion done.

Here's a list of the functionality:
- Ability for a user to post a 200 character business idea using their e-mail or facebook ID.
- Ability to log in and see their posts
- Ability for people to vote "yes" or "no" using their email or FB ID
- All IDs are collected in a database.
- All posts must be moderated.
- Comments are FB based.
- 20 ideas per page.
- Submissions can be sorted as newest, most voted, and good ideas and bad ideas.
- Voting must be limited one vote per ID
- Comments are hidden by default and can be expanded. This is
- Search feature for the entire site

I've attached a screen shot of what the website will look like.

I do not need any design work for this project, only programming. I create all the graphic elements needed.

You must have worked with Facebook integration before, otherwise it will take you much longer and won't be worthwhile for you financially.

I look forward to working with you.

Skills: design

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