Website Marketing Research


Job Description

We are looking for a contractor to go to websites of Kayak/Canoe Outfitters in the United States and help us evaluate what type of potential customer they could be for our company.

Our research shows that businesses that have a more professional website would be more likely to purchase our product.

That is why the main objective of this job is to evaluate the outfitter websites and rank them a 1,2,3,4, or 5 based on the following criteria:

Overall Professionalism of Website
Is the Website fairly easy to navigate?
Are there images or videos?
Quality of the Pictures/Videos?
Easy to contact them?

There is alot of wiggle room between 1 and 5. Use your judgement and most of all, be consistent with your rankings.

Perfect Score of a 5. A website that is a 5 would be very professional. It would look like they had someone design the website for them. There would be images and videos of good quality on the website. It would be easy to navigate back and forth from the Home page to the FAQ page, or the Directions page, or the Rates page. It would also be easy to contact them if you had any questions. You may discover that this business has alot of positive reviews by customers. It would also give you a very good feel for doing business with that company.

Low Score of 1. A website that would have alot of problems loading or even pulling up. It would look very amateur, like someone created the whole thing in 10 minutes. There are most likely no pictures or videos, and if there are, the quality is very poor. You may notice poor reviews by customers on any feedback on Google. You could also have a bad feeling about doing business with that company.

When a site gets a ZERO: If the website doesn't work, or you discover the business is OUT OF BUSINESS, please score it a 0.

We will need the information plugged into a spreadsheet and have the following criteria:

Name of Outfitter
Website URL
Ranking 1-5
Summary of Score

This job will be for 100 Outfitters. If your work is satisfactory, we may have more work in the future.

If you are interested in the job, please send us a spreadsheet with your resume ranking these 3 URL's.

Skills: microsoft-internet-explorer, internet-browsing