Web Based mail merge and pdf editor application. php mysql

Web Based mail merge and pdf editor application. php mysql


Job Description

I need a web based application to email custom filled out documents to different recipients. Each document will have different values based on a previously uploaded spreadsheet.

This will require someone who knows php and mysql.

This will be created to make multiple offers on many houses at once directly to listing agents.
Ex: The user will upload a spreadsheet containing multiple properties. The spreadsheet will include the listing agent name, cell phone, email, property address and list price.

The user will then select the offer percentage which will be a percentage of list price from the spreadsheet. They will also select a "from" email address and a "buyers agent" from the list that has previously been uploaded to the application or manually entered into the app. the user also needs to be able to select multiple "from" emails to send from at once. In other words so if the same Realtor gets several offers they could appear as if they are coming from multiple buyers.

Once a document is uploaded to be used there should be standard fields to map to make it easy on the user but you should also be able to create custom fields.

The user will then select an offer to purchase document from a list that has been previously uploaded to the application. The user will need to map fields from the spreadsheet to the document so the document will be properly filled out before being emailed to the listing agent.

The user will also have the ability to have separate addendum forms that can be attached to and filled out along with the contract in the same automated process.

The completed forms will then have the option of being saved to a database,

downloaded to the user’s computer or emailed at once from a selected email address.

The user needs to be able to create or upload a database/spreadsheet of Realtors to an address book built in so you can choose who to make the offers be from.

So the basic app is to be able to blast multiple offers on properties that have been pre filled out. The goal is to make it appear as if each one was filled out individually and emailed one at a time. The user needs to be able to select multiple

Here is a list of additional features that are needed:

Set up the app to make follow up offers automatically and just change the percentage of the offer amount. In other words the first offer may be at 60% of list then a week later the app would send out another offer at 70% of list. The user should be able to change any fields in the second offer as well as select a different cover letter.

Once the offer is sent, the app should also send voicemail blast with a pre recorded message telling the agent that you just sent them an offer on one of their listings. There are open source applications to use as voicemail blast. This is a service whee the call goes straight to voicemail without the phone ever ringing. One such company calls it Voice Casting.

The app should also be able to SMS text message the Realtor letting them know you just sent an offer on one of their listings.

The app should have admin log in as well as sub user log ins with limited access to data.

We will also be selling the app to other users so we need to be able to set up the app for different users with their own log in and own databases, emails, Realtors, etc. Each one being totally independent of the others.

Each offer should be logged into an offer database so the user can keep track of the offers made, how much and when.

Have a button on each record to submit an offer immediately or schedule an offer in the future.

Import options: CVS or manually.

The user should be able to create and save multiple email signatures.

The user should be able to create multiple cover letters as well as standard text that will be included in each email send out.

The user should be able to add images (logo) to the cover letters.

All documents, cover letters, etc. should be able to be previewed before sending out for accuracy.

The app should have a very user friendly, easy to understand simple user interface with large buttons. I want someone who is not computer savvy to be able to use it.

The ability to set up multiple campaigns. In other words the user may upload multiple spreadsheets of properties they want to make offers on.

Any other features you think would benefit the user.

You may be able to create this as an html5 document instead of a pdf.

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