Ruby on Rails Personal Data Capture Project

Ruby on Rails Personal Data Capture Project


Job Description

This project is going to be a slightly challenging, fast and fun web application project.

Budget: $50-$200
Start: Immediately
Contractor Selection: May 12, 2013

The goal of this project is to capture personal data with a fun modern web design using Heroku and MongoDB or PostGres

If you are interested in this project please respond with this statement (you can copy and paste this line)

"EMPOWERED1: I agree to the non compete and would like the full document"

more info...

Captured data will be stored to a database for referencing and reporting. The initial information to capture includes:

You will only be responsible for Phase 1: Personal Info, Stats & Goals of a larger multi phase project.

Client will register, enter goals, enter personal data and result in a dashboard.

Resulting in an online calculation for instant feedback on a simple, cool, modern and fun looking web interface.

Additional details of this project are available for qualified contractors who copy and paste the above statement.

It is estimated that this project should take no longer than 1 week and be within budget ($50-200). Bids higher and lower will be assessed.

Please provide 3 references to current examples of your web development work.

I look forward to working with you on this project. I can't promise you all my projects, but we have many currently in production and many more planned. I can promise you that this will be fun and you will be part of a fast growing and exciting company and projects.

Please request to review the project file for additional details on this project.


Patrick McGuire