Setup Ecommerce Analytics Tracking on Magento Site

Setup Ecommerce Analytics Tracking on Magento Site


Job Description


I need a web developer that has experience setting up Ecomemrce Analytics tracking for a Magento 1.7 site.

We need someone that has experience doing the following with Ecomemerce Analytics tracking:
I. Analytics Tracking and coding of the following user actions:

1. Create a transaction object.
Use the _addTrans() method to intialize a transaction object. The transaction object stores all the related information about a single transaction, such as the transaction ID, shipping charges, and billing address. The information in the transaction object is associated with its items by means of the transaction IDs for the transaction and all items, which should be the same ID.

2. Add items to the transaction.
The _addItem() method tracks information about each individual item in the user's shopping cart and associates the item with each transaction via the transactionId field. This method tracks the details about a particular item, such as SKU, price, category, and quantity.

3. Submit the transaction to the Analytics servers.
The _trackTrans() method confirms that a purchase has occurred, and all data that has been built up in the transaction object is finalized as a transaction.

Please include the word ANALYTICS on your job application and samples of previous work or your proposal will be deleted.