non US resident LLC and bank account set up

non US resident LLC and bank account set up


Job Description


I am a youngwoman business owner living in outside the US, but I want to set up a US based business so I ccan have a US bank account since my business requires that I order and dropship items in the US which will be FWD to africa.
I need to have a US business address, phone number, and bank account, how is this possible within a legal framework? I would want the person that contacts me to be experienced in this kind of dealings and you will set up the business and the bank account on my behalf.

Need help from a US accountant / incorporation guru with experience setting up Delaware and Nevada LLCs, in the context of a non resident alient obtaining an EIN and the tax liabilities that may emerge as a result of an existing business which has no US based activities, starting to sell physical products within the US and shipping from the US internationally

Skills: International Business Commercial Law, International Corporate Tax law, tax law.