Administrative Assistance: scheduling, communications, research, etc. (1619)

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I am seeking multiple contractors to fill this role:

INDUSTRIES. I am an independent consultant working in three business spaces: iPhone Apps, Web Strategy + Design, and Leadership Communications Training.

TIMING. Role requires you to be quickly reachable during regular business hours (9am to 6pm Eastern/Boston, Monday through Friday), — email, SMS, chat, Skype, webcam and phone are all good options. Also, sometimes job responsibilities require evening or weekend availability. 60-80% of the work may be completed at any time convenient for you, and conducive to accomplishing tasks efficiently. A small percentage of the work will require immediate turnaround on short notice (e.g., if I am stuck at an airport due to a cancelled flight and need assistance locating an affordable airport hotel before all nearby hotels are sold out).

RESPONSIBILITIES. Responsibilities can vary broadly from creative and challenging high-level projects to basic clerical tasks. Some examples:
:: International and domestic travel assistance
:: Scheduling and calendar management
:: Image research in stock photo libraries for design client projects
:: Internet research into market stats (e.g., how many iPhones are in use worldwide today?)
:: Expense reporting
:: Assisting with project work
:: Invoicing clients
:: Data Entry
:: Coordinating meetings
:: Procurement and purchasing, from office supplies to major technology purchases
Most responsibilities are directly business-related; some are personal or executive.

QUALITIES. The role calls for someone who is: Energetic and motivated. Responsible, consistently reliable. Enthusiastic and personable. Bright and articulate. Intuitive and creative. Professional and polished. Independent, efficient and highly organized. Detail-oriented and disciplined. Impeccable English skills a must.

TECHNOLOGY. This position requires you to provide a quiet work environment from which to make and receive calls during regular business hours; cell phone; computer with high-speed internet connection; printer; scanner (not required, but preferred); standard business software (e.g., Microsoft Office suite of applications). You should have familiarity and ease with technology, especially performing research on the internet and using web-based services such as oDesk, Google Calendar, Google Docs, etc.