WP Professional Needed

WP Professional Needed


Job Description

I have an Arabic WP website that is RTL in the frontend but LTR in the backend, and there are couple of things I would like to apply on the site:

I would like to use this wordpress plugin which I already have
This plugin needs to be transformed to RTL, but only in the front-end, without effecting the backend. I also already have the Arabic PO file version, just need your help to show me how to integrate it in the plugin.

I need also to apply a simple Login / Registration form in a light box
with 2 types of membership:

Beginners / simple membership (which only allows commenting and participating in QnA and access restricted pages)

Professional / Designer membership, that will have all the previous eligibalities and adding the following:
- to make all their links dofollow
- have the ability to create / edit their profiles and add portfolio and reference of their work.
- the registration form for the professionals will include additional info need to be provided such as: website*, facebook profile

I would like also to change the location of the social sharing buttons to appear always on the top of each post / page / picture / portforlio item...etc.

Finally, I need also help to apply good SPAM membership / comment protection. According to the professional membership request it can only be accepted manually !

P.S. I have access to all plugins from this site http://premium.wpmudev.org/, you can use any of them if you need...

Successful colleague will be considered as a reliable person who I will always work with