Video production -sound engineer and speaker (one person needed to do both)


Job Description

Hello guys!

We're going to produce a home recording e-learning course. We are looking for some sound engineers (or actors) able to (video) record themselves by a webcam while reading our text on a PC screen within a real recording studio.

This could be an excellent opportunity to increase your visibility and trust: you will be in all respects a teacher of international academy of recording and, if you want, your name and the name of your recording studio can be printed overlay that would produce the final video, also in Spanish and Portuguese (and perhaps in many other languages)!

We need to cover up to 60 hours of video recording, but we require only around 10 hours from you. We want something like this: (obviously with a better accent )

(no after effect or titles needed)

The reading should be smooth and flowing in its entirety and creativity while recording is highly appreciated (if you're talking in a microphone you could stay in the room next to the shooting stands equipped with microphones, if you're talking in front of a monitor, you can register right next to it, or if you're talking with compression you could sit next to the rack effects, you can record the moving shot occasionally to give an effect of shooting carried out with multiple cameras, etc. ..).

How to apply:
1) Answer this typing "home recording school" at the top of your message (so I know your message is not a "copy&paste" one)

2) Give us some references about you (your recording studio website, Facebook page, full name, write us something about your experience in sound producing, etc)

3) You'll find attached a word file of a single page. Send me an example of how the reading of the text that we give you could be. Register using your webcam or other device. Change your shooting location some time. Make a quick export of assembly, upload your video to your YouTube channel and send me the link.

Here you can find a great and free tele-prompter online service (it is used to scroll the text to be read on the screen)

Warning: Because there are many hours of video recording to be made, if you're really interested in this job, know that we will give priority to the sound engineer who records FULLY sample text.

4) Make your offer!

Payment is to be understood more as a reimbursement of expenses for electricity than a payment for the provision, given that the real added value is the fact of enhancing your brand and increasing international trust.

(Note that the material you provide will never be used, as the old text was taken from a website not owned by us, so do not worry: it is not our intention to abuse your time and your work!)

Good luck!

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