Refer a Friend Email Program

Refer a Friend Email Program


Job Description

The "refer a friend" program should work like this (I need your feedback if you think we should change this):

I send an email to the current users and explain that if they refer a friend, they (and the new person) get gifts. In the email, there needs to be a "refer friends" button. When the user clicks on this button, he will be shown a window that has several options. 1) facebook contacts 2) gmail contacts 3) linked in contacts 4) instagram contacts 5) yahoo contacts.

When the user clicks on one of the numbers, he will log into the application with an API. The system will show the user all his contacts. There will be a button that say "CU friends only". When the user clicks on that button, he will see only contacts that have an or email address. He can SELECT ALL or click each one. Then he will click a "tell these friends about" button. The system will send an email to each of his friends.

We need to record the email addresses (destination) of each email that is sent. We can then record these in our SQL database along with the email of the person who referred those new email address.

Then when someone signs up for, the system will check the SQL database to see if the new user's email address was referred by someone. If it has, we will give the old person one point in the SQL database. When they have 5, or 10, or 15 points, the system will send me an email with their email address so I can give them the gifts. When the system checks if the new user's email address has been referred by someone, if it has, we will give the new user a "WAS RECOMMENDED" label in the SQL database. Then we can send the new user his gifts.