Integrate a database from a software package with a website


Job Description

We are going to redesign a pet gromming/boarding website. A section of the website will allow you to book appointments and pay. The new website will be based on Wordpress.

The client uses a program called (trial available) wich is a software that allows you to register appointments as well.

The problem is that we want to integrate all the appointments that are booked in the website with the program. The program uses a database, we would like to know if it is possible to connect to this database from the website and send all the appointments and payments to update the program automatically (similar to jailbreaking an iPhone) instead of doing everything manually(someone enters all the data from the website in the program).

Before we proceed , the following things are required:

1) We want to be sure if it is possible to achieve the connection from the website to the program before we begin everything.

2) Please adjust the budget if you consider that the workload will be higher.

Thank you.

Skills: ethical-hacking