table and tile view with css

table and tile view with css

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Job Description

- use twitter bootstrap templates/ css/ query.
- html5 / php / mysql

when a recordset is returned from a mysql search, need to
1) show results in a tile fashion like in attachment (use responsive design and if the screen size is adjusted, tiles should re-adjust to fit the screen.
show smaller tiles if viewed on mobile (how small should be configured using media-query
2) allow the user to switch modes and view results in a list fashion. should not be retrieving dataset again from the database and use variables/session instead
3) dynamically hide/show records/tiles based on
a) text int he "filter" input box that matches visible text in each tile/row
b) All/Active/Fixed link that matches a filter parameter of each <div> or <table/tr> list item
4) change css of each tile with an overlay on a mouseover event
a) for tile based view, overlay with an image in the middle and buttons on top. just like
b) for the list view, just highlight the row with a different color during a mouseover event

no need to write mysql code. just use an array instead of sqlResult dataset.

To be considered for this job, you must provide a sample of similar work. Do not just give me a list of websites you have worked on, send me specific samples.

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