Sensors and Measurement Technology

Sensors and Measurement Technology


Job Description

1. Design a square parallel plate capacitive displacement sensor with a sensitivity 2pF/mm at d=0.2mm. The gap between the two plates is filled with air. The working range of the sensor is 0.1- 0.3mm. The permittivity of air is 8.85pf/m, (d is the gap between the two plates).

- Determine the dimension of the plates.
- Apply linearization to the c - d characteristics of the sensor over the range
0.1mm - 0.3mm, the maximum nonlinearity error should be kept as small as possible.
- What are the nonlinearity error at d=0.1mm, d=0.2mm and d=0,3mm after

(5 more similar questions are to be done using multisim 10.1)... will email you the entire document once you apply for the job

Its 10 hours work

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