PLC Development to Send Sensor Data via CDMA/GSM to FTP Server

PLC Development to Send Sensor Data via CDMA/GSM to FTP Server


Job Description

This project involves designing a device, both software and hardware, to collect data from no more than 5 inputs(sensors/buttons) and send the data wirelessly by CDMA or GSM to and FTP server. The device will be battery-powered so it will need low power consumption. The battery should last at least 30 days if possible. A solar panel is not feasible at this time. The data sent will be in .csv format and should create a txt/csv file on the server the data is sent to.

You are responsible for creating a crude prototype that functions as desired. Creating it from existing platforms such as Arduino is acceptable in this stage. All electrical diagrams, parts list and code will need to be provided upon completion.

Upon successful completion, there will need to be revisions to the code and electrical circuits to optimize for efficient power consumption, small form factor and make requested changes as needed. The second generation device will need to be able to have the code remotely updated and be able to receive remote commands.

Please provide samples of similar projects you have completed.

Below is an example of how this can be achieved however you are expected to use your experience and ingenuity to come up with a better solution. A crude example would use the following parts to make a working unit:



Code for Microcontroller Remote Updates(Second Generation):

Communications Unit:

Distance Sensor:

Motion Sensor:

Push Button:

SIM Card: