Iphone App Needs To Be Modified

Iphone App Needs To Be Modified


Job Description

I had an Iphone App created a few months ago and it doesn't quite work the way I want it to work. It works ok, but I need to make it so people can easily find the area to pay for more videos.

It is currently up and running on the Iphone/Ipad app store. To see it, simply search the Iphone/Ipad App store - it is free. Type in the words:

study skills

then look for the app that says Study Skills Scott Straub

(it has a picture of me on the icon)


People can sign up to receive my free study skills video (which does happen now). After they sign up for the free video, they are taken to a screen that has my video "Top Ten Study Skills" (it's in two parts), and directly below that there needs to be a big button that allows people to purchase the rest of my 6 videos all at once (a bundle) or they can purchase them individually. The other 6 videos are already uploaded and working, but people can not seem to access them now the way the app is currently designed.

The goal is for people to get the first video for free, but then have the option to purchase the other 6 videos individually or bundle them and buy them all at once.

The payment button for the bundle needs to be large and obvious.

If you think you can modify this app so it can work properly, apply for this job.

I don't have a lot of money for this job, but I will have several other apps to create in the near future and the work will be yours if this project goes well.

The budget is only $100, so please don't apply if you want to charge more than that. The person with the best budget will get the job.