HTML5 development

HTML5 development


Job Description

My name is Manoj Sinha and I got your details from the web. I work for BISIL.

BISIL is a BPM product company. Our principal product is Enj - We have undertaken an exercise to revamp the interfaces for the designer components of Enj. These interfaces are currently built as Java applets and the interfaces themselves were built way back in 2002-04 period and have not been changed since. Since technology has evolved considerably since 2004 we want to upgrade the UI for these components.

We are currently inviting fixed price proposals from software companies to help us build some interfaces for the designer components. We feel that the appropriate platform will be HTML5 for building this interface. This will help us be independent of plugins and also will make designer more flexible in terms of UI design. We will be also looking at you for advice, and you will have the freedom to choose any open source javascript frameworks that are out there like Sencha ExtJs, JQuery, Paper.js etc. Server side technologies should be however java based and should run on a servlet container such as Tomcat. Designer components will be independent modules and will communicate with core services using web services provided by us.

Would your company be interested in working for us on this project and submitting a fixed price bid. If so, we have clear specifications for the user interface that we want built and would like to share this with you. Please let us know of your interest.