pfSense enhancements

pfSense enhancements


Job Description

To date, I have installed pfSense 2.1 Beta on an Atom-based system (,60336.0.html). For wireless access point purposes, I am using a Ubiquiti UniFi AP-Pro with the UniFi controller java-based software installed on the pfSense box (following these instructions: Also running OpenVPN (using Private Internet Access as the provider) installed using these instructions:

Add on packages installed are pfBlocker (not yet running) and Snort.

1) Multiple OpenVPN connections, with routing based on country. See the following thread for description and proposed solution:,60749.0.html
2) Proper configuration of Snort and pfBlocker
3) iPhone apps Air Video and Plex running on WiFi internal network perfectly. Once outside of the internal network (e.g. 3G connection), cannot connect. Need to resolve this issue.
4) Ensure proper passage of SIP traffic (SPA2102 adapter) not through VPN

You would Teamview / RDP to my desktop to then connect to pfSense box or use another tool to connect to perform configuration changes.

Skills: wireless