Desktop integration


Job Description

We are looking for a mobile application to work both IOS and Android.

We currently have a desktop application that has a database of people. We need a mobile app that can sync with the desktop application (bluetooth, wireless & wired).

The "App" needs to connect to a windows service on the users PC. The service will be provided by us. There will be two methods - one that returns a list of groups/teams and these will each have a list of members. The second will return a list of individual members. The members returned will all have mobile phone numbers attached. The app must be able to send an sms to the groups or individuals by the users own mobile plan.

The user would need to enter a security key to access this "App".

The mobile app will have additional features added at a later stage so the foundations of the code must be flexible enough to allow for this.

Layout and design work will be provided. (although any input would be welcomed)

More details will be given when necessary.

Skills: wireless, design