WebRTC+Python/django callcenter

WebRTC+Python/django callcenter


Job Description

We need callcenter web application using webRTC.

- The webapp must have 'clients' and 'operators' associated with the User model of Django.
- The admin user should be able to create, delete and modify clients and operators users.
- Admin should be able to 'block' an operator account so it can no longer login to the system.
- An authenticated 'client' must be able to place a call, and the server should route the call to any 'operator' who has a status of 'available'.
- Client user should be able to end call.
- Operator user should be able to answer/reject call.
- Operator user should be able to login and change status to available/unavailable.
- System should manage a call log with the following info: client, operator, datetime_start, datetime_end, call_duration (OPTIONAL: voice recording included in the log. This is optional, we will pay an additional amount for this if done)
- Operator should be able to see client info: ip_address, client_id and name

You can use google stun servers, but the rest of the server side code should be done in python.

NO WEB DESIGN IS REQUIERED! Plain HTML will work just fine. Our main concern lies in the backend code for the webRTC routing part.