Broken links due to zen cart addon

Broken links due to zen cart addon


Job Description

Note: I will not accept hourly based bids. $25 flat rate only. If you are experienced, you should know how long it will take to solve this problem.

The $25 is for one hour or your knowledge/experience. If it takes you longer than that, you are not the one I need. Please do not waste my time. I run my own business and know very well how people get ripped off by the hour.

I was using zen cart 3.9 with (simple seo urls or ultimate seo url). under my root domain I decided to start fresh with the upgraded zen cart 1.5 under a sub-domain

I deleted all files and folders under the root domain but overlooked deleting the .httaccess file. Without realizing this, I proceeded to install the 1.5 upgrade to my sub-domain.

The install went fine but I realized my urls were still being rewritten. At first I thought it was a new feature in 1.5 but alas it wasnt. It turns out the .httaccess that was left in the root was rewriting my urls.

This was not a big deal as I would like to have my urls rewritten, however it seems to be causing broken links on some of my ezpage links. (contact us, privacy, T&C, Site Map, Featured, Specials) But strangely enough, not the links to pages I've made (About Us, Downloads, Credits)

So far, I have tried to delete and edit the .httacces file but that causes other links to be broken.

Skills: debugging, rewriting