ASP.NET - C# Programmer

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Hello oDesk,

I'm looking for an extremely proficient ASP.NET / C# programmer to assist in converting a fairly complex quote generation system, from an .exe desktop based program (MySQL)- created in Visual Basic, to an online, web based ( program.

Job Details

1) You will be working closely with the designer assisting in the conversion process including creating a user management system, UI/HUD integration etc.
2) This job will be on going on a weekly basis.
3) The applicant must have excellent English skills.
4) The applicant must reach weekly deadlines.
5) The applicant must have contact with the developer daily via Skype.
6) The applicant must be extremely proficient in ASP.NET, MySQL and C#

How to Apply:

As a test of your abilities, I'm looking for the applicant to create a simple .asp user login. It doesn't need to connect to a database, but simply fetch data from a static .xml flat file and retrieve and display it using a .DLL.

Please provide access to the source along with a small instruction document.

I look forward to your applications.