Product Video - Very Easy Job - USA, Canada, UK Asia or Australia Based Contractors ONLY!

Product Video - Very Easy Job - USA, Canada, UK Asia or Australia Based Contractors ONLY!


Job Description

Very easy and fun job!

If you are selected for this project, you will be provided online access to register, review selected videos and participate in certain exercises within an online training program.

After you've gone through and watched each video along with participating in each of the exercises provided, you will simply need to leave feedback about the video and then proceed onto the next video as instructed.

As you can see, this is fairly easy and one of the best parts is that you'll get to learn something new about yourself in the process.

You will be required to watch a total of 5 fun, easy to follow videos... which combined, total to approximately 50 minutes.

Once you've completed watching all 5 of the required videos and completing the specified exercises, you will simply need to create your own short video testimony, sharing what value, insight and benefits you were able to gain and learn about yourself through your participation in the training program.

In order to participate in the project, you must meet ALL of the requirements listed below:

1) You must live in either the USA, Canada, UK, Asia or Australia

2) You must speak good English

3) You must the tools and/or software needed to create a short video testimony

4) You must be able to follow instructions well

5) You must have immediate access to a printer (in order to print out each fun, easy to follow exercise)

6) You must provide an attached photo of yourself

7) You must type "I Can Do This 2013" at the top of your reply in order to be considered

8) You must be willing to start immediately and able to complete this project within 48-72 hours from hire

9) You must be able to print, sign, scan and send back to me a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) before being hired for this project. I will be sending you this agreement.

IMPORTANT: both your video and comments will need to be pre-approved by me. Upon your successful completion of this project, you will be considered for additional projects that are available. Payment will be up to $35.