Write an Artical for landing page about best way shoulder blade pain relief


Job Description

I want an article for my landing page about best way shoulder blade pain relief. I prefer that you will do some research about this topic to write the best article possible.

This article’s main goal is to presell people who interested in this topic to buy product I promote which is http://www.excellentposture.com/.

For the highest conversion possible, I want this article to have attributes as below:

1. Entertaining – The article will be fun and sounds real like you’re talking to the reader.
2. Authorities – The article will have scientific proof or reasons that make the readers feel that the product is trust able.
3. Scarcity – The article will show that if the readers don’t buy the product as soon as possible, they will meet the consequences.
4. Low commitment needed – The article will show that the product is not expensive and worth the price compare to the consequences.
5. Benefits of the product – The article will show the benefits of the product.
6. Social Proofs – The article will talk about what happened with people who use the products, success stories or reviews.

The article will give value to readers and tell them some solutions for their problem first but will show that the best solution is the product I promote.

I prefer you to have some experiences with writing landing page. So, show me your portfolio.

The article will be about 600 – 800 words. Also let me know the turnaround time in your cover letter.

Please feel free to apply.