D3.js and javascript Live chart funcionalities

D3.js and javascript Live chart funcionalities


Job Description

Ingenio Sólido is an automation and sistematization company. We are working in different industry like educatives laboratories and Transport. Our company is composed for computer and electronic engineers. Our physical office is in Colombia (UTC-5).

We have a very interesting project involving javascript and D3.js. We have developed some functionalities and we want to hired others more specific. The project is a live chart that allow zoom, and panning you can see the functionalities that are working in this moment in the following url:


In this moment we have some problems and some funcionalities that we want to add:

1.We have coded a custom zoom, drawing a rectangle in the chart and zooming in the selected area. But we have two problems, when i have zoomed in and i try to zoom out can happen two things that are wrong:
-The y axix is inverted.
-Is impossible to zoom out

2.(Add) limit the zoom for each possibility to zoom:
-double click
-draw rectangle
-mouse wheel
In the time axis the maximun zoom in must be 1min and the minimun zoom out must be 30 min. In the Y axis the maximun zoom in is 200 units and the minimun zoom out must be 2000 units.

3.The app is loading a lot of data, so is very important improve the performance of it. We have noted that when we zoom in the chart the app start to move very slow until the point that the app failed. The aim is that the app run with the same speed regardless the actual zoom.

Please send your portfolio and curriculum.

Skills: drawing