Security Architect

Security Architect


Job Description


We are looking for a person to come up with solution and execute it to our problem. We need a way to extract device fingerprint of the user that visits our private (non-public) website.

We need this to be executed by Javascript.

We also need a way to be able to use the executed device fingerprint (without IP address, of course !) and inject it into browser and work with it.

We may need to inject it into Firefox / Chrome / other browser. This is up to you as a lead designer of solution.

you must have prior experience with this kind of issues. We do not want complete newbie in an area. If you understand this, please write into your application what browser or other software technology you would use to inject data back.

Note: since you're going to be a main architect of this solution, you're going to be in control over how extracted data is stored so it's easier for you to inject it to our test browser.

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