Transcription & Administrative Support Specialist

Transcription & Administrative Support Specialist


Job Description

We are seeking a smart person, with excellent written communication skills, for a full time position as a Transcription & Administrative Support Specialist.

Key requirements include:

1) Fast, accurate typist. Transcription experience a big plus.
2) Must have reliable internet and electricity, or a back-up plan in case of any outage. Fast internet for downloading large files quickly.
3) Familiar with Excel. Must be a problem-solver, with the ability to quickly find creative solutions, and think on your feet.
4) Strong ability to follow instructions, ask for clarification when needed, and clarify expectations, for a smooth and enjoyable working relationship.
5) Most of all, applicant must be reliable, and honest, with a lot of common sense.

This is a full-time job, M-F, 9-5, Eastern time. Pay starts at $3.50 per hour during training, and will increase to $4 per hour upon successful completion of training.

Application process will be as follows:

1) Initial interview.
2) Test (should take around 30 - 40 minutes).
3) Second interview to finalize terms and get started.

Thank you for your interest.

Skills: typing