multiple temperature and pulse oximetry sensor


Job Description


Let me start by saying that i have very little experience in the field of electronics. I am a Functional Neurologist. The idea for the device i need designed came from the need to see sensor values real time during a patients therapy.

Using an arduino nano board i have made a prototype device for measuring temperature at 4 locations and sending that info via bluetooth to a computer. The idea is to get temperature and pulse oximetry readings displayed real time. These sensors would be placed at various points on the forehead.

I need you to take it a step further and minimise the size of the device as much as possible so it can be housed in a headband (yet to be designed).

I have no preferences with regards to sensors, my prototype uses the following thermistors;

with great success. I am open to suggestion if you believe another sensor would work better.

I had planned on using the following pulse oximeter;

But again, open to suggestion.

The device will need to take readings every second (or half second) from 4 thermistors (located along the forehead) and 2 pulse oximeters (at each temple). These temp/O2/pulse rate readings are then sent via bluetooth.

I have the code required for the above to work. May need some tweeking for the new design.

In summary, I need the above device designed and built and (once a final unit has been designed) more units will need to be made to sell to other professionals in my field. Ideally this will be an ongoing job.


Eric Hansen