Electronic Engineer

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We require a skilled electronics engineer who can design a control module for a motor. The candidate needs to be able to build a control module for the following motor in the link.


We are interested in the 130V model, 0.48A, 62W, for more details see the information in the link above.

The motor speed will be controlled by a PID micro-controller, the motor speed will be read from a passive 2-wire hall-effect sensor.

The control of the motor should be done with a PWM signal that will come of the PID micro-controller.

The PID micro-controller will be ATmega328/ATmega1280.

Otherwise, and if you have a better way of controlling the speed of this motor with a signal coming of the PID controller, feel free to suggest it.

The successful contractor must be skilled in
- Electronics Circuit development
- Circuit integration
- Electronic component selection and costing
- PCB Design

During and at the completion of this project, all documentation, schematics, drawings, code, models and information required for manufacturing, must be provided to the employer.