Google, Bing Search API with, C#

Google, Bing Search API with, C#


Job Description

Custom search using google and bing.
Create a page with dropdown with two items:

Below which there is a textbox for user to type the search terms.
A button next to it named Search when clicked goes to the selected search engine and searches the result with the text user entered.

This has to be two way: one it directly goes from the browser to respected search engine and displays the result without going through our server. Another is the query first posted to our server and server retrieves the results, filters it(you skip this filtering part) and then sends to user browser.

Give details about any api/app key registration with Google and Bing search. Please don't use any iframes. This is custom search and custom display of the search results so change the display design/colors etc. a bit instead of showing html of google/bing search page.

Please use C# and

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