Talented Developer/Artist Team to produce Multiple Bundle Mobile Game Apps/ IOS Platform

Talented Developer/Artist Team to produce Multiple Bundle Mobile Game Apps/ IOS Platform


Job Description

I am looking for a skilled Turnkey IOS Development and Creative Team to produce volume Game Apps. A bundle would be production of 25-50-75-100 Apps. The expectation is the Artwork and the development would be accomplished in a short period period (we will negotiate the time required).Turnkey means QUALITY Artwork/ and QUALITY Development plus full service ITC delivery. You Must be familiar with most SDK's. We are looking to provide a full service turnkey opportunity.

For now, the team would be working with existing source code but eventually we would look to expand in 3D Unity Game engine as we grow together.
Budgets for the bundles we will also negotiate.

Team should be able to:
-Create quality Art-Work that stands out in a crowd. Takes pride in good Art Work-This is very important.
-Very versatile in programming needs but also takes care to create clean UI design.
-Can show a portfolio of polished looking game Apps and can manage multiple production schedules.
-Team leader needs to speak and write English well.
-Manage SDK's CB/RM/AppLovin/Ad Colony/Flurry/Vungle/ Next Peer/ Playhaven/ Game Center etc.
- Can provide additional coding when necessary adding In-App-Purchases, additional Game levels and are proactive in improving an Apps user expeerience.
-Familiar with Team Viewer/Test Flight
-Manages ITC, Developer Profiles/ and uploading binaries to Apple platform
-Someone with a 4.5-5 star Rating

Please reply with examples of Artwork and existing Game Apps in store.

If we like what we see we will arrange for a skype interview.

++++ Important when you reply, start your response with BIG GAMES'. This way we know you have read the entire job description. We will immediately delete any applicant who does not start with "BIG GAMES'.

We are extremely grateful for your time and professionalism. This we take very seriously. Thanks for your application!

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