Website Scraper Required - Urgent Job

Website Scraper Required - Urgent Job


Job Description

Hi there,

im looking for someone who can scrape a directory site for me and record data in a csv for me.

IT will input certain keywords into search field, then record all the search results information in a csv for me. each search will pull up roughly 10 pages of data which is equal to about 150 individual results. In each result i want certain information scraped including:

contact number
contact number 2
Website adrees
Email Address

All data will be on the results page except for the email address. Email address will be found by the scraper going down the url of the website link and scanning for the email address of their website.

Once completed it will scan the finished CSV and remove duplicates.

i need this scraper file completed withing 1-2 week maximum as its quite urgent i gather the required information.

i look forward to your comments

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