Wordpress Template Interpreter

Wordpress Template Interpreter


Job Description


eCommunities offers a business / enterprise grade SaaS platform for developing web applications and sites. "ECMS Horizons" is modular and offers a variety of major modules that tackle everything from CRM, Ecommerce, Communications, Project Management, etc. in a business centric interface. It also has the capability to roll out very complicated sites that weave these modules together in a very short amount of time in either public or intranet style scenarios.

Our major clientele are other marketing firms that traditionally look to us to compete with custom development firms either because we have expertise in areas their own staff does not, or because our time to market is much shorter and at a lower price point.

Because ours is primarily an application development SaaS offering aimed at Marketing firms that for the most part wish to do custom designs and layouts, we lack any form of "prepared" templates that allow the roll out of basic websites for smaller websites.


Our goal is to produce a PHP based "Template Interpreter" that will allow us to leverage the millions of existing WordPress templates without the need for a WordPress installation.

The Interpreter will read a WP template in, and translate WP API/Function calls in a way that our own system can fulfill using our own sections and content.

The successful bidder will be able to demonstrate an expert understanding of the WordPress API and Template system. You should also have a strong understanding of OOP in PHP 5.4+ and be able to get up to speed quickly on our platform. We will be leaning on your understanding of WP in order to formulate the proper approach to the interpreter and how it will interact with our own systems.


The successful bidder will be given insights into our platform that are considered protected intellectual property, you must be able to demonstrate trustworthiness and be able to explain what steps you will take to protect our IP. You will also be required to sign an NDA with respect to any discussions and materials stemming from this project.

We don't wish to be spammed by those who haven't taken the time to read our requirements, the successful bidder will include "I Agree" in their application.