Private Beta Site for 50-100 Testers

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Job Description

Front end: UI/UX development for a basic 3-4 page beta site that will be used for 50-100 beta testers. This can be pretty simple, but looking for high-end design, clean form following function. A good example would be a sort of extended landing page here: . Open to discussing programming in HTML5/CSS3 or other. This might be a good solution if not able to design a basic iOS app within the budget.

Back end: For our pilot we are piggybacking on platform of our partner, so not a lot of heavy programming needed, but we do need to integrate 1-2 API calls to our partner's site, program and integrate some basic database with our partner database (this is already set up in AWS and MySQL). Ideal situation would be to find someone that is comfortable with many languages, Ruby, php, Python, etc. that can oversee the project for the beta development as well as working hourly or part-time going forward. We can work out some equity participation in this scenario also.

Please see Deliverables doc for more detail on the project.

Skills: design

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