Seminar Speaker Needs to Turn Trainings into Words

Seminar Speaker Needs to Turn Trainings into Words


Job Description

If you've ever heard a great seminar speaker like Tony Robbins or orator like Barrack Obama speak you can understand the power behind the spoken word and the difficulty in transcribing the ebb and flow of their words onto paper.

If you have experience in transcribing the spoken word to paper and you DON'T use speech-to-text software then this marketing and PR speaker, facilitator and coach will be interested in meeting you.

Whether you're a native English speaker or have been educated in an English-speaking country, and you can provide references for your 5* work then we look forward to receiving your bid.

We have multiple trainings and audio so jobs will be on a per-training basis. This means whether it's a one hour coaching call or 5-day training of about 30 hours you will be bidding on the number of hours in the job.

We will most likely have you transcribe one of our shorter trainings and if we like what we see then you will more than likely receive our full support for you to continue working with us on an ongoing basis.

Skills: english, typing