eBay/TeraPeak Web App

eBay/TeraPeak Web App


Job Description

I am seeking to have a web app built capable of returning averaged price results from Completed Auctions/Sales only taken from eBay based on specific search parameters.
This will require a front-end for users to input limited search queries and a back-end for an operator to control data base for search parameters.
The results must hyperlink to eBay through the operators eBay Partner Network affiliate link.
The web app must comply with eBay's API protocols as well;


finished project must pass eBay standards for Partner Network

EBay does not allow calls to findCompletedItems to be cached or used in Market Research.
The eBay Market Research API needed for this project is now maintained by TeraPeak:
Therefore some familiarity with obtaining data through that platform would be an asset.

1. The return result should be a single TeraPeak provided Analysis that conforms to all API TOS. Analysis must be for Sold items and completed auctions that resulted in a winning bid/paid sale.
<Calls to TeraPeak cannot be cached for more than 1 hour. Each possible search string must be called every hour and cached for front-end access.>

2. The result should provide links with hover-popup box ("Buy/Sell One Like This") to current auctions & buy-it-now/sell-it-now options that are in a price range near the returned analysis & associated with my affiliate account.

If you need more info for revised quote please feel free to ask. I have contracted a Graphic Designer for all Images needed so those can be provided to you as well, that should offset developing costs.

Skills: ebay, research, analysis