Woocommerce Multilingual - WPML issue


Job Description

We are building an online store for clothing and women's accessories on Wordpress through the plugin Woocomerce. The project is already underway and we have 80% of the store ready but we bumped into a programming issue that is seriously impacting on our progress.

The store will be launched in two languages: English and Spanish. For this, we are using the WPML plugin, which is very popular and has an extension to Woocommerce, facilitating the translation of the website from one language to another within the WordPress system.

Most of the functions of the website have been translated, but we cannot proceed with the translation of the products listed from English to Spanish. When we try to perform this translation through the plugin WPML, only part of the product attributes are preserved and most of the fields come up empty. The problem happens only with products classified as variable products.

Variable products have more fields to be filled as combination of size, color, price and so on. The plugin should preserve the same data from one language to another. Imagine a store with 5,000 products and you have to update one by one manually.

The importance to fix this problem also consists of keeping only one inventory (stock) or database of products for both versions. All sales performed in a site version should impact the other version.

Requirements for Hiring:

- Experience in working with the plugin Woocomerce Multilingual;
- Total fluency in WPML plugin;
- Proving already has faced the same problem with these plugins in the past;

Important Notices:

- We have already updated all of these plugins + WordPress + theme. (Our web programming team works with SVN to control any change on our website).
- The database of both site versions is the same one;


Skills: facilitating, english, import