Operations Assistant & Special Projects


Job Description

Hello, my name is Chadd and I am seeking a seasoned IOS and Android expert to develop a mobile application for the company I work for.

A little about the company: we specialize in open air advertising i.e. vertical flags, inflatables, hot-air balloons and banners. Our clientele includes a multitude of Fortune 500 companies such as Shell, Wendy's, Quiznos, and CVS to name a few.

Essentially, we are a small business that became big very quickly. Our installers travel across the nation in order to reach all our customers and we have expanded to the point that we need a modern, but simple way of keeping track of all our installs and removals. As such, we would like to implement an application for our installers to be able to take pictures and add them to a shared database or catalog for easy accessibility. We would also like a feature where pictures may be organized and tagged by their product name and can be easily searched for by these designated keywords. Pictures of the flow of the application are attached.

Skills: application-design

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