Phone app UI / skin design


Job Description


We are looking for someone who has experience designing outstanding / impressive phone app skins for maximum visual impact. Your design sense should be aligned with the reference attached.

Specifically, we already the flow and functionality sorted out, we need you to "beautify" it. This includes

- wire frame design,
- icon design,
- layout design

(No programming knowledge is required. There should be between 10 - 30 screens)

If you are interested.
1. Please respond with samples of your work.
2. If you have a counter proposal on the budget, please indicate in your response, as we may consider it based on your portfolio.

If you are selected for the job:
1. You will be expected to have skype updates on a daily or once in 2 days basis.
2. Any missed commitments will be deemed as a breach in contract and therefore non-payable.


Skills: design, layout-design

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