Creating new DVD from other DVD short clips

Creating new DVD from other DVD short clips


Job Description

We are a DVD manufacturer. We have a project where our customer has a number of product videos that they wish to consolidate onto one DVD and replace some clips from current DVD. They no longer have source media so we are needing to rip their already authored DVD's and put them together with edits.

Details are:
-There are 5 DVD's in total that require ripping
one DVD has 11 clips on it the others have one each
-one clip from the main DVD (11 clips) needs to be totally removed
-one clip from the main DVD needs to be replaced with another clip (on one of the other DVD's
-the remaining DVD's each have one clip and each of these is to be added to the main DVD.
-Final DVD to be authored with one menu for each page plus a play all function.
The length of DVD - main one is approx 30 min in total and each other is no longer than 5 minutes each.

Turnaround of this job is important, would like completion in 3 days of job commencement, would also like to have estimation of time involved to complete.