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Job Description

I'm looking for a site that mimicks wrapbootstrap.com in functionality. Basically I want a site where people can sell & buy themes.

What I will not consider (Please read this first):

1. Stores build upon a CMS like WordPress, Magento or any other CMS
2. Use of heavy or older frameworks like CakePHP
3. Anything based on non Open Source technology or Microsoft technology
4. Bidders who do not have the time to work full-time on it
5. Too much dependency on other code or modules (e.g. PHP modules, external libraries ...)
7. Other technologies than PHP or Coldfusion
6. Unrealistic quotes (too low or too high)

What do I prefer:

1. People who give me statusupdates every 2 days and a weekly Skype call
2. People who upload working code during the project so we can track progress
3. Honest to the point communication
4. Excellent knowledge of English
5. A single developer or point of contact

Technical Requirements:

- Written in Model-View-Controller code (either in PHP or Coldfusion).
- Light MVC frameworks like FuelPHP for PHP, FW/1 or CFWheels for Coldfusion
- PayMill integration (is basically a Stripe Clone) (https://www.paymill.com)
- Mimic as much of the wrapbootstrap.com functionality as possible
- use Zurb Foundation for the gui/design part (http://foundation.zurb.com)
- MySQL backend
- JQuery for anything javascript related (http://jquery.com)
- Clean and well documented code (very important!)

My Server setup:
- Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (http://www.ubuntu.com
- Nginx (http://wiki.nginx.org
- Tomcat (see higher)

* Special server requirements:

- PHP should run on Quercus if we go for PHP (http://quercus.caucho.com)
- Coldfusion code should run on Railo if we go for Coldfusion (http://getrailo.org)

Other requirements
- Explain parts of the code to me, I'm also developer so that shouldn't be hard to do. I want to be able to make changes to the code myself so you'll have to tutor me during the Skype calls


Since the previous developer did not deliver any code at all whatsoever (after 1month !!!) and didn't communicate or give me statusupdates I have some special requirements, if you can't work within these restrictions please don't bid on the project.

- I will only fully fund the escrow account upon reaching a first milestone
- Release of funds at the end of the project after testing the code on my server
- Willing to sign an NDA

Description of the project

It's not a complex project it's a shopping cart style site geared for selling themes.

I'm looking for someone who already has some experience in this type of sites so they have either code to start from or the knowledge to get something up and running quickly to build upon.

Basically consists of login/authentication with users, uploading images, form with details of each theme, tagging of each theme, an admin part and integration of a payment system. There is also an affiliate module integrated in wrapbootstrap.com but I don't need that functionality.

Reply with how you would do this, which technologies you will use and how long it will take and for what price + references of previous work.

To verify that you actually had a look at the requirements, before submitting your quote tell me how often I expect status updates from you and when I will fund the escrow account.

If you complete this project in a good and timely fashion, there are more projects down the pipeline so I'm looking to build a long term relationship here.

Skills: mvc, design, linux

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