Concrete5 - link files uploaded to specific user

Concrete5 - link files uploaded to specific user


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I've been trying to figure this out for some time and I haven't been able to or found a solution. I am trying to link files that clients upload to the client area via a form or some other means and have it assigned specifically to that person.

I sort of have a solution but it involves setting up different groups and using different sets but is there a way to make this happen without a bunch of extra steps?

One suggestion that I have been recommended is to use the on_file_add event to link user ID's when they are loaded.

The basic goal is to have a client area where the client can link upload files and the files are somehow grouped together so that I can access the files for that particular client without having to see any other files. If it can be done from the clients profile page then that is even better but not required.

Also I dont want to have to do to much manual linking or permission setting to get it to work. The less I have to be involved the better.