Subtitling and translation of subtitles (Spanish to English)

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I need to find someone to transcribe and create subtitles for some dancing videos.

The audio is in Spanish, and in this case, the Spanish subtitling has already been done. However, the translation needs to be done.

The English should not be translated literally. The videos are training videos, so it is important that you actually understand the content of what is being explained and taught, and then you translate it in a fluent way that would best explain the same thing in English.

The English will also be dubbed over afterwards, so please keep in mind the tone of someone actually speaking the subtitles when you write the translation.

For this, you should be a native English speaker, or at least speak EXTREMELY good english. At the beginning of your application, please specify if you are native English or not and what your experiences are with translation.

Please also let me know if you have any experience or knowlege of dancing (particularly with salsa) as this will be preferred.

I have one test video here to begin with, but there will certainly be more work for the person I choose, if we are pleased with it.



P.S. I use a free subtitling software called "Subtitle Edit" it's for PC, and you can get it here:
However, if you have a preference or better one, please let me know.