URGENT - Senior Developer for crawler/scraper project

URGENT - Senior Developer for crawler/scraper project


Job Description

I'm looking for a senior and highly skilled developer to help complete a project that is almost finished.

There is a Drupal front end user interface that allows the user to select a specific script/API plug-in to use and create a new 'job'. This job then crawls social media websites and search engines using keyword inputs to source local companies and grab their company, contact and email data. This data can then be selected and parsed to a Sugar CRM where we can manage multiple accounts and send bulk emails to prospective clients.

Most of the functionality is in place using open source PHP and MySQL. However, there are issues with duplications and the API plug-ins need amending so that they function correctly.

I am only looking for senior developers from Europe, Eastern Europe and the United States. If you're not from any of these areas please don't waste anybody's time by requesting more details for this job.

This is not a simple task and requires a highly skilled and motivated professional.

Please contact Kieron for more information.

High hourly rate for the right candidate.