Agency looking for Staffing Manager

Agency looking for Staffing Manager


Job Description

ansleyRDgroup is looking to grow on oDesk. We are looking for a contractor that has experience bidding, and winning, contracts on virtual work platforms such as oDesk.

Your Role:
To bid competitively on contracts for the ansleyRDgroup agency.
Bid on a minimum of 15 contracts worth ~$1500 per week.
Work with senior leadership of ansleyRDgroup to hire agency contractors to fulfil won contracts.
Work across multiple sectors on oDesk to seek out contracts, bid, and fulfil them with agency contractors if won.

This will be an exclusive role, you may not be a part of another agency.
Excellent English is required.
The currently open position is for a Western time zone to augment our current Administrator’s time zone.
In your application please state "I like to eat bananas".
In your application please list your experience on oDesk or similar systems with bidding and winning contracts.
Be able to work with other contractors in a management/leadership role to ensure won contracts are delivered ahead of schedule and with excellence.
You must communicate several times a week with agency leadership to assess the quota requirements and to work through any project or staffing issues.
You will be required to sign an agreement with ansleyRDgroup prior to commencement of your job function.

This is a profit sharing based compensation. The starting rate is 30% of contract profit.
Bonuses are possible.
The 30% can increase if performance merits.

Example of Compensation - A contract is won for $100. It costs the agency $70 to fulfill the contract. The profit is $30. You, the Staffing Manager will receive $10 for finding and winning the contract. The Administrator and agency Owners retain the other 20% ($20) for managing the project.

The contract bid price for this position is $5 as compensation will be performance based. The better you perform (the more contracts with higher value won) the more money you can earn!

Please feel free to respond with any questions that you may have.

Thank you.

Skills: leadership, english, management