Virtual assistant /manager


Job Description

We are in search of a virtual office manager for a graphics design and web development and marketing firm.

we need someone with a proven track record or experience with managing and administrating an office remotely and with experience of handling office tasks, projects, deliverables etc

1.You will be liasing between the customers and 4 to 5 graphics and webdesigners and other eventual office activities, like email writing , qoutations etc.

2.You will handle emails, phone calls, text and be dealing directly with client enquiries and liasing between the clients and the designers and finally with our suppliers .

3.You will need to have good spoken english ...with little or no accent.

Your internet has to be very fast to allow clear voice commuincation.
you need to demonstrate your ability to work with project and crm systems .
Any experience in graphics design or webdesign industry would be an advantage but not too necessary as we will put you through an introductory training.

This job would involve working under pressure some times as a lot of the customers have deadlines for their jobs and you will be responsible to make sure that the designers meet those deadlines. and you will have to be able to work with your own initiative on the go .(as in think on you feet)

the position will be full time ...from 9am GMT to 5.30pm GMT...UK time...$350 a month

the jobs involves texting , emailing and calling new client ...if you get a new client for us get 10% bonus on the profit of the that addition to you regular pay.

send me a link of a sample of your voice recording (very important)and Cv showing your experience.. and also send your bid for weekly

Skills: graphics, design, marketing, english